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Lifecycle Logistics

TUWYN incorporates total lifecycle solutions in support of every product design.

Product design must consider logistics requirements and costs across the product’s entire lifecycle. The most successful manufacturers leverage agile lifecycle support strategies to address the inevitable – software/firmware obsolescence, equipment breakdown, systems compatibility challenges, and training development. We specialize in providing that kind of robust product support, from built-in sustainability, to the design, implementation, and management tailored product supply chains.
  • robust product support
  • built-in sustainability
  • design and implementation
  • management tailored product supply chains
  • program improvement
  • program management
  • organizational assessment
To Our Customers

Program Improvement

At best, supply chain inefficiencies lead to lost productivity and higher costs; at worst, they cripple operations and destroy the reputation of you brand. Identifying and locating those inefficiencies can be difficult, even harder to change. TUWYN emphasizes the elimination of non-value-added steps while ensuring that quality of output remains high while our Lean and Six Sigma experience further enhances its capabilities in this area.

Program Management

The certified Program Management professionals on our team are the cornerstone of our expertise in managing projects and programs. Their knowledge and experience leading a broad array of different program types are two of our greatest advantages. This gives TUWYN the ability to adapt quickly to almost any new environment or requirement. Regardless of complexity, timeframe, and organizational function, we are skilled at meeting our customers goals and achieving deliverables.


Organizational Assessment

With our vast experience, TUWYN has become highly knowledgeable about the key success factors in organizational performance. Our company provides assessments for its clients using multiple disciplines. Common examples include experts in operational efficiency, program effectiveness, resource utilization, return on capital investment, and optimization of culture. This holistic approach enables our team to provide a full complement of meaningful insights to you our individual clients usually leading to substantial improvements across many areas.

Clients & Testimonials

Best of Our Works

TUWYN developed a process flow that interfaced with 24 different operational units conducting a failure mode effects analysis for each group identifying failures delivering a unique standardized commercial off-the-shelf integrated black box replacement (serialized) solution increasing the system(s) uptime by 90 percent.

More About Us

Who we are

TUWYN combines small company responsiveness with large company best business practices. While such flexibility is often beyond the reach of many companies, our success is attributable to the priority our managers place on ensuring technical quality control/assurance, financial oversight, and adherence to the highest ethical and regulatory standards. Our success in all these areas is a point of pride, and will continue to be a core aspect of our support to our customers.

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Why choose us

We strive to earn respect as an exceptional organization that embodies the highest standards of performance, agility and ethics in delivering unique, cost-effective logistics solutions to our customers. We act with:

  • honesty
  • diligence
  • professionalism
  • integrity
  • and fairness

Our experience

Lifecycle Logistics - 10 years
Warehouse Solutions - 8 years
Systems Integration - 6 years
Information Management - 8 years
Visual Media Design - 8 years

Latest Industry News

TUWYN’s nurse executive has found a 20% error rate in evaluation and management resulting in the recoupment of several dollars for payors

TUWYN’s nurse executive, who has provided tele-disease management, is also a versed medical auditor consultant, has found a 20% error rate in evaluation and management, Diagnosis-Related Groups, ICD-9, and CPT4 coding reviews. These findings have resulted in the recoupment of several dollars for payors. TUWYN implemented a concept of operations to issue visual information systems…

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One of the leading healthcare systems has implemented our technological platforms across their entire network of hospitals

Via the Voice Exchange solution, one of the leading healthcare systems has implemented our technological platforms across their entire network of hospitals to include: physician after-hour services, daytime call overflow, switchboard operations, appointment scheduling, insurance verification, EMR integration, marketing integration, HIPAA compliant messaging, daily data capture/statistics, on-call management, nurse triage services, call recording and telehealth…

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Project Management, Hardware and Software deployments, Testing and Configuration Management Support, Hosting Services, and Premier and Executive Support

TUWYN provided Hosting Services for Greater Baden Medical Services (GBMS) Health IT system within our Datacenter, and we also provide PaaS for the GBMS developers. TUWYN presented GBMS with a project management plan to transition the onsite healthcare system to a hosted solution. Once the plan was approved, TUWYN successfully migrated the Healthcare IT (GE…

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TUWYN helped an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) reorganize its business systems to be more responsive to their Department of Defense customer

TUWYN helped an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) reorganize its business systems to be more responsive to their Department of Defense customer. We assisted them in revamping their systems integration processes by developing methods of standardization for their work instructions. This helped ensure their system operability, quality, and operational efficiencies were completed. Because of our efforts,…

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