Via the Voice Exchange solution, one of the leading healthcare systems has implemented our technological platforms across their entire network of hospitals to include: physician after-hour services, daytime call overflow, switchboard operations, appointment scheduling, insurance verification, EMR integration, marketing integration, HIPAA compliant messaging, daily data capture/statistics, on-call management, nurse triage services, call recording and telehealth medicine. This partnership has resulted in a multitude of advancements for the healthcare system to include: accurate patient data capture, patient retention, patient lead generation, increased physician/patient satisfaction surveys, decreased ER visits, better patient outcomes, more efficient use of hospital personnel, increased patient follow-up visits, decreased physician fatigue, decreased patient length of stay, to name but a few. These examples further solidify that TUWYN will prove an excellent partner in expanding telehealth services. Our healthcare leaders exude excellence, having acquired success in multiple healthcare arenas. At an extensive, integrated healthcare system that provides tertiary care, our healthcare administrative leader re-engineered workflow and standardized processes across the revenue cycle, resulting in a decreased healthcare claim denials rate from an average of 12% to 2.4%.