What We Do

TUWYN (Tell Us WhatYou Need) specializes in digital Visual Information Solutions. What sets us apart is our vision, our agile leadership, and our in-depth understanding of how to integrate technology systems into the public sector environment. We acquire, store, manage, and disseminate digital visual information across its entire lifecycle. We provided the engineering, implementation, and sustainment services for all Visual Information Solutions.

Our Services

Visual Information

We provide visual information storage and management, visualization, and video analytics management and retrieval.

Information Management

We provide predictive analytics, data analytics, and big data integration and reporting.

Audio Visual

We provide custom audio-visual solutions, audio visual life cycle management program support, and smart video & integration.

Unified Communications

We provide digital transformation, systems integration solutions, and enterprise collaboration in the cloud.

Managed VI Services

We provide infrastructure, cloud services, security, business continuity, virtualization, and collaboration.

Professional Staffing

We provide VI management consulting, on-site staffing, audio visual staffing and professional VI services.

Our Focus

Tell Us What You Need is focused on You,” our customer. We aim to provide single point-of-entry, end-to-end digital Visual Information Solutions. By providing a holistic uniform communication experience, we drive down costs and improve efficiencies. We work collaboratively with your team to enhance information visibility, responsiveness, and control with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Service to Our Customers

Whether our customer is the Department of Defense, the Department of Transportation, or state organizations, we provide a one-stop shop for products, people, and ideas to accomplish the mission, on time, and within budget.

Service to Our Country

This commitment has driven Tell Us What You Need since its founding by Marine Veteran, Christopher Cox. Honor, Courage and Commitment have been hallmarks of the U.S. Marine Corps, and they drive us in our pursuit of customer satisfaction and continuous process improvement.


Why We Are Different

Tell Us What You Need provides single point-of-entry Visual Information Solutions with a focus to provide holistic, customized integration for the federal government. Our team has extensive expertise in all facets of Total Lifecycle Management, Systems Development and Technology Integration. Tell Us What You Need understands the complex regulatory requirements associated with blending commercial solutions with public sector requirements.

Why Choose Us

We strive to earn respect as an exceptional organization that embodies the highest standards of performance, agility, and ethics in delivering unique, cost-effective Visual Information Solutions to our customers. We align ourselves with organizations that value:

  • Teamwork
  • Quality
  • Integrity

Teaming with Subject Matter Experts for Success

Tell Us What You Need is unique in its approach to solutions in various arenas. We team with exceptional Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to resolve complex visual information requirements. The potential is limitless.

We are open for partnership

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Federal State and Local

We work with the federal government to assist them with establishing, integrating, and supporting their technology and visual information solutions.

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