TUWYN provided Hosting Services for Greater Baden Medical Services (GBMS) Health IT system within our Datacenter, and we also provide PaaS for the GBMS developers.

TUWYN presented GBMS with a project management plan to transition the onsite healthcare system to a hosted solution. Once the plan was approved, TUWYN successfully migrated the Healthcare IT (GE Centricity version 12 Practice Management and GE Centricity Version 12 EMR) systems to a hosted solution within our data center. TUWYN provides ongoing maintenance support for GBMS’s CHIP Legacy Healthcare IT Systems running Allscripts, Dentrix & Dexis (Dental Environment), as well as their i2i Population Health environment. TUWYN implemented and configured other medical software solutions to support GBMS health care operations. To increase the efficiency of these systems, TUWYN provided PaaS for the GBMS developers and created a test production environment to allow for the testing and development of software changes, patches, upgrades, and updates before installation within the production environment. TUWYN implements our Configuration Management model/methodology for GBMS, including performing the required configuration management tasks to assist in managing software, hardware and licensing costs, improving IT decisions, and mitigating risks. At each stage, we research CMMI/ISO/ITIL configuration management industry best practices and establish benchmarks for managing IT configurations. TUWYN provides and maintains a flexible and comprehensive suite of monitoring and management services. TUWYN places a high emphasis on making sure the network infrastructure is firewall-protected to prevent intrusion and viruses on the network. With our remote monitoring and management tools such as Bomgar, Datto Remote Monitoring and Management, Microsoft Remote Desktop, AlienVault, Cylance, Rapid Fire Network Detective, TUWYN identifies security attacks and immediately respond to threats and vulnerabilities. TUWYN created a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan that identified weaknesses and implemented changes to minimize and prevent disaster, identified requirements needed to keep the organization running during the displacement period, reduce complexities within the network wherever possible, minimized the duration and effect of technology outages, and facilitated effective coordination of the recovery efforts.

As an IT Managed Service Provider, TUWYN conducts a technology assessment and evaluation of the client’s network. TUWYN uses various tools, such as Rapid-Fire Network Detective, to assess and evaluate the network. These tools provide detailed visibility into the client’s networking environment. Upon the collection of the network data, a two-pronged vCIO process is used to make recommendations and to manage technical standards based upon industry best practices. GBMS accepted all the recommendations in which TUWYN implemented over a period of time to minimize network down time.

TUWYN’s project management team has hands-on experience with specialized technical design skills; a firm grasp of business principals; and solid technical expertise. TUWYN will create a technical plan with detailed steps for each phase of the project to include a project rollback in the case of a technical failure. To date, all project tasks have been on schedule in accordance with contract requirements.