Audio Visual Solutions

At TUWYN, nothing is more important to us than continuing to be innovators in the industry. We’ve developed our unique approach to the process of information management, which entails moving the most-needed imagery closest to the users who require it soonest, ultimately allowing you to maximize the capacity and performance of your imagery management assets.

We understand that leaders often do not need more data; instead, they need actionable information at their fingertips and just in time to address potentially fleeting opportunities. We provide information management capabilities that enable decision-making at the speed of change. TUWYN responsibly governs the data lifecycle and understands the decisions surrounding digital information aggregation, cataloging, storage, retrieval, dissemination, and destruction.

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Custom Audio-Visual Solutions

TUWYN is a full-service provider of integrated audio-visual solutions for presentation, collaboration, and unified communications from plug-and-play meeting rooms to event spaces with expansive capabilities. We eliminate end-user uncertainty by designing for ease of use and implementing global AV standards across the enterprise.

Audio Visual Life Cycle Management Program Support

Our experience as a partner in systems integration allows us to bring your unique requirement into reality – the only thing we lack is your vision. Whether the need is for our team to design a solution from start to finish or whether the desire is to apply integrated design to augment existing systems, we have the skill and competence to see that your every requirement is fulfilled.

TUWYN assists organizations in integrating unified communications solutions that comply with specific security requirements. These solutions can be virtualized and integrated with customized applications, network solutions, and enterprise-class storage systems created with reliable systems and sustainment support.

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Smart Video & Integration

TUWYN provides customized commercial smart video solutions with better control over video streaming buffering, quality, and playing options.   TUWYN’s streaming analytics and processing capabilities work together to detect patterns and anomalies that matter to your business as they happen and allow for change to enable immediate action, implementing real-time recording and evaluation using our highly sophisticated tools to minimize business risks related to fraud, compliance, and security.

TUWYN provides an end-to-end solution for real-time data integration, comprehensive streaming analytics, and data visualization to discover critically accurate, time-sensitive insights and enables automated responses for our customers. Our video capabilities include live streaming and event-based integration.  TUWYN supports live video feeds, automated event-based notifications, and video clip recording. The ease of use of our products and services enables fast time-to-market and easy modification of analytical applications. Our complete, enterprise-grade platform meets the strict security, reliability, and scalability requirements of business-critical solutions. Simply put, we can translate customer-defined requirements through our simple and easy interface to produce interactive material on a completely different level.