Unified Communications Solutions

Our Unified Communications solutions adhere to specific security requirements. These solutions can be virtualized and integrated with customized applications, network solutions, and enterprise-class storage systems.

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Digital Transformation

For TUWYN, a digital workspace is a form of IT artistry designed to inspire visionary change. Our extensive collection of Modern Workplace technologies provides the agility to accommodate multiple personalities, work styles, workplaces, and devices.

  • TUWYN facilitates the Microsoft Modern Workplace by creating spaces that:
  • Provide a shared space that promotes co-creation with employee email, voicemail, IM/presence, integration into customer applications, and much more
  • Facilitate collective and thoughtful design
  • Enabling Real-Time Collaboration for the Connected Workforce

Systems Integration Solutions

Regardless of your organization’s unique needs, TUWYN applies a wide range of skills and competencies to bring you:

  • Network design and implementation
  • Network security consulting
  • Server management
  • Server migration
  • Equipment relocation
  • System upgrades
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Enterprise Collaboration in the Cloud

Unified Communications terminology is trending towards Intelligent Communications, reflecting the evolution of IoT. Intelligent Communications put today’s collaboration tools in the Cloud, where we connect the broad spectrum of users. An Intelligent Digital Workplace solution uses AI, room-booking technology, and sensors as part of the broader IoT collaboration ecosystem to create groups of Intelligent Collaboration Spaces.

  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • VI Integration
  • Managed Services
  • Microsoft Modern Workplace Tools
  • Seamlessly transition between workspaces
  • Use favorite tools while mobile and remote