Tell Us What You Need’s nurse executive has found a 20% error rate in evaluation and management resulting in the recoupment of several dollars for payors.

Tell Us What You Need’s nurse executive, who has provided tele-disease management, is also a versed medical auditor consultant, has found a 20% error rate in evaluation and management, Diagnosis-Related Groups, ICD-9, and CPT4 coding reviews. These findings have resulted in the recoupment of several dollars for payors. Tell Us What You Need implemented a concept of operations to issue visual information systems to two personal teams’ dispersed locations, which enhanced the movement of visual information and management by 75% while providing better sustainment logistical solutions for commercial off the shelf (COTS) visual information systems. This increased the systems’ efficiency by up by 72%. Also, completing an operational process flow audit, Tell Us What You Need implemented new processes that reduced the average imagery assessing and dissemination time by 50%. Team Tell Us What You Need’s strengths in technology, leadership, healthcare, and visual information systems combined equate to success for our partners.


One of the leading healthcare systems has implemented our technological platforms across their entire network of hospitals

Via Voice Exchange, one of the leading healthcare systems has implemented our technological platforms across their entire network of hospitals to include: physician after-hour services, daytime call overflow, switchboard operations, appointment scheduling, insurance verification, EMR integration, marketing integration, HIPAA compliant messaging, daily data capture/statistics, on-call management, nurse triage services, call recording and telehealth medicine. This partnership has resulted in a multitude of advancements for the healthcare system to include: accurate patient data capture, patient retention, patient lead generation, increased physician/patient satisfaction surveys, decreased ER visits, better patient outcomes, more efficient use of hospital personnel, increased patient follow-up visits, decreased physician fatigue, decreased patient length of stay, to name but a few. These examples further solidify that Tell Us What You Need will prove an excellent partner in expanding telehealth services. Our healthcare leaders exude excellence, having acquired success in multiple healthcare arenas. At an extensive, integrated healthcare system that provides tertiary care, our healthcare administrative leader re-engineered workflow and standardized processes across the revenue cycle, resulting in a decreased healthcare claim denials rate from an average of 12% to 2.4%. 

IT Management Consulting_1020878011

Project Management, Hardware and Software deployments, Testing and Configuration Management Support, Hosting Services, and Premier and Executive Support

Tell Us What You Need provided Hosting Services for Greater Baden Medical Services (GBMS) Health IT system within our Datacenter, and we also provide PaaS for the GBMS developers.

Tell Us What You Need presented GBMS with a project management plan to transition the onsite healthcare system to a hosted solution. Once the plan was approved, Tell Us What You Need successfully migrated the Healthcare IT (GE Centricity version 12 Practice Management and GE Centricity Version 12 EMR) systems to a hosted solution within our data center.

Tell Us What You Need provides ongoing maintenance support for GBMS’s CHIP Legacy Healthcare IT Systems running Allscripts, Dentrix & Dexis (Dental Environment), as well as their i2i Population Health environment. Read More

Tell Us What You Need implemented and configured other medical software solutions to support GBMS health care operations. To increase the efficiency of these systems,

Tell Us What You Need provided PaaS for the GBMS developers and created a test production environment to allow for the testing and development of software changes, patches, upgrades, and updates before installation within the production environment.

Tell Us What You Need implements our Configuration Management model/methodology for GBMS, including performing the required configuration management tasks to assist in managing software, hardware and licensing costs, improving IT decisions, and mitigating risks. At each stage, we research CMMI/ISO/ITIL configuration management industry best practices and establish benchmarks for managing IT configurations. Tell Us What You Need provides and maintains a flexible and comprehensive suite of monitoring and management services.

Tell Us What You Need places a high emphasis on making sure the network infrastructure is firewall-protected to prevent intrusion and viruses on the network. With our remote monitoring and management tools such as Bomgar, Datto Remote Monitoring and Management, Microsoft Remote Desktop, AlienVault, Cylance, Rapid Fire Network Detective, Tell Us What You Need identifies security attacks and immediately respond to threats and vulnerabilities. Tell Us What You Need Need created a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan that identified weaknesses and implemented changes to minimize and prevent disaster, identified requirements needed to keep the organization running during the displacement period, reduce complexities within the network wherever possible, minimized the duration and effect of technology outages, and facilitated effective coordination of the recovery efforts.

As an IT Managed Service Provider, Tell Us What You Need conducts a technology assessment and evaluation of the client’s network. Tell Us What You Need uses various tools, such as Rapid-Fire Network Detective, to assess and evaluate the network. These tools provide detailed visibility into the client’s networking environment. Upon the collection of the network data, a two-pronged vCIO process is used to make recommendations and to manage technical standards based upon industry best practices. GBMS accepted all the recommendations in which Tell Us What You Need implemented over a period of time to minimize network down time.

Tell Us What You Need’s project management team has hands-on experience with specialized technical design skills; a firm grasp of business principals; and solid technical expertise. Tell Us What You Need will create a technical plan with detailed steps for each phase of the project to include a project rollback in the case of a technical failure. To date, all project tasks have been on schedule in accordance with contract requirements.

Help Desk Support_669226189

Provided Onsite and Remote Service Desk (Tier1, Tier2, and Tier3) Level Support 24x7x365

ITIL Service Desk (PWS 4.1): 

Tell Us What You Need provides daily onsite support and operations for GBMS by providing Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Service Desk IT Support. As part of these services, we offer and maintain daily onsite and remote Information Technology (IT) support services for 175 users within seven office locations. Onsite support consists of the following:

Helpdesk management; Server and Network Administration: Active Directory (user/group accounts, file permissions, verification of login scripts, password resets), analyzing and resolving typical problems, monitoring system functionality, verification of system performance & efficiency); Cabling Installation or Replacement when required; Server and Workstation Monitoring based upon approved baseline compliance; Installation, Relocation, Deployment, and Removal of Hardware; Hardware Warranty Support; Deskside Customer Resolution; Read More

Wi-Fi Installation, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance (includes assisting the end-user with mobile connectivity);VTC support; Custom Computer Applications and Imaging (software); Troubleshooting LAN and WAN Issues (including VPN connectivity); Desktop Application Support; VoIP Support; Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery; Hosted Office 365 Email and Collaboration Suite; Managed Backup and Recovery Support; Software Development and Programming Services; Remote Management and Monitoring

Service Desk Operations (PWS 4.2):

Our ITIL Service Desk personnel creates incident tickets within Autotask PSA upon receiving a phone call, email, or walk-in. Personnel are trained to provide the first-call resolution but escalates issues in which they cannot resolve to their assigned Functional Lead. Based on the severity, the Functional Lead will engage the assistance of our Senior Engineers to provide a solution. We immediately address any unplanned events such as system-wide outages due to the loss of power or interruption in internet connectivity. Our Project Manager and SMEs will provide updates and recommendations during the incident to minimizing the impact of the outage.

Tier 3 Support Desk (PWS 4.3):

Our Tier 3 Support Desk Manager will identify the right SMEs with the relevant technical expertise to troubleshoot, configure, and administer servers, the network, infrastructure, and datacenter environments and to best achieve the specific Priority Service Request for USDA end-users. Our SMEs will use the latest best practices (CMMI/ISO/ITIL) and employ the latest technologies in resolving issues within the required SLA timeframe. We will use an agile-like approach to permit frequent client reviews (every 2 weeks) with USDA feedback fully factored into the services provided. We will conduct technical reviews, identify needed capabilities, and provide fully documented solutions with processes and procedures to effectively execute the stated requirements. 


Tell Us What You Need helped an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) reorganize its business systems to be more responsive to their Department of Defense customer

Tell Us What You Need helped an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) reorganize its business systems to be more responsive to their Department of Defense customer

Tell Us What You Need helped an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) reorganize its business systems to be more responsive to their Department of Defense customer. We assisted them in revamping their systems integration processes by developing methods of standardization for their work instructions. This helped ensure their system operability, quality, and operational efficiencies were completed. Because of our efforts, the OEM increased system uptime by 70 percent and still met their production schedule.

Federal State and Local

We work with the federal government to assist them with establishing, integrating, and supporting their technology and visual information systems/solutions.